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"You look good in a vest."

A Flack/Angell Shipper Community

A Flack/Angell Shipper Community
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This is a community for fans of the pairing of Don Flack and Jessica Angell from the CBS show CSI:NY. Here you can post graphics, fanfic, or host discussion about this pairing and where you think this show is heading for them. All your friendly mod asks is that you follow the rules and play nice, and we all should get along fine.
The Rules
1. Please play nice. Which means NO WANK. I’m serious—wank makes me sad when fandom is supposed to be fun. Any posts that start any wank will be deleted.
2. You’re welcome to post whatever you like (graphics, fanfic, discussion topics), so long as it’s related to Flack/Angell. This includes the two characters separately, as well the actors who play them, Eddie Cahill and Emmanuelle Vaugier. I will give some leeway in the realm of off-topic-ness, but if it’s from a completely different fandom (aside from other shows that Eddie or Emmanuelle may be appearing in), it will be deleted as an off-topic post.
3. NO CHARACTER BASHING. This is a big one, guys—and it goes along with the no wank rule. I know not everyone is going to like every character, but you can keep that to your personal journal—that’s what it’s for. It never makes anyone comfortable to see a character they like bashed, so please keep it out of our joint sandbox here.
4. Please tag your posts. The tags are set up so that members can tag their own posts, so please familiarize yourselves with them. I’ll go through and tag all the posts that aren’t tagged, but I would appreciate some help in advance. Also, I will be going through and adding all the posts to the memories for easy finding.
5. PLEASE put all current season spoilers behind a cut. I know it’s not fun to randomly be spoiled while reading your flist, so I don’t want to inflict that on others. And I know some people are rather picky about their spoilers, so if you think it may be considered a spoiler, throw it behind a cut just to be safe.
6. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to PM the mod (iluvroadrunner6), or comment here.
Posting Rules
Please include a header when you post. It makes it easier for the people who are looking in the memories to find what they’re looking for. For this comm, please use the header “Type of Post: Description of Post.”

So—for example—if you were posting a fic, you would use the header “Fic: [Insert title of fic here]”.

Also, for the headers on your fics, please include the title of the fic, the rating (either MPAA or Fan-rated ratings are fine), the author, and any spoilers that may be found. As I said before, no one wants to be accidentally spoiled.

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