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Welcome to looksgoodnavest!

This is a community for fans of the pairing of Don Flack and Jessica Angell from the CBS show CSI:NY. Here you can post graphics, fanfic, or host discussion about this pairing and where you think this show is heading for them. All your friendly mod asks is that you follow the rules and play nice, and we all should get along fine.
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Flangellized, chapter 22, first half

Here is the final chapter of "Flangellized", my re-write of season 6.

LJ insists that this is too long, so here is the first half.

Flangellized, chapter 22, first halfCollapse )

Flangellized, chapter 21

Just one more chapter to go after this.

Flangellized, chapter 21Collapse )

Flangellized, chapter 20

Here is the second half of Flangellized, chapter 20

Flangellized, chapter 20, second halfCollapse )

Flangellized, chapter 20

This chapter was too long, LJ wouldn't let me post all at once, so this is the first half....

Flangellized, chapter 20, first halfCollapse )

Flangellized, chapter 17

Chapter 17 of 22

Spoilers:  Each chapter is a re-write of a season 6 episode, so yes, there is a spoiler alert.

Rated: T

Pairing: Flack & Angell, hence the title

Flangellized, chapter 17Collapse )